Pro D2 Highlights: Aurillac vs Grenoble

2 weeks ago by Ultimate Rugby

Full time Aurillac 14 - 19 Grenoble. A close and exciting match played by both teams, but not quite enough for Aurillac. Although they managed a bonus point they now slide into the red zone.

Pro D2 Highlights: Carcassonne vs Aurillac

1 month ago by Ultimate Rugby

Full time Carcassonne 21 - 16 Autillac. Despite dominating the game for 60 minutes, Carcassonne were up against a real fight by a brave but unruly team in Aurillac. Carcassonne remain in the top 6 however...

PROD2 Highlights: Valence v Aurillac

2 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

Valence Romans 21 has a 2 point win and Aurillic 19 at the Stade Georges Pompidou Staduim.

PROD2 Highlights: Aurillac v Provence

2 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

A hard played game in the rain by both teams which did not make play easy with a wet ball. Aurillac secured a bonus point with their four tries. Full time Aurillac 39 - 6 Provence Rugby.

PROD2 Highlights: Angoulême v Aurillac

3 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

Victory with the bonus point to Soyaux Angouléme 37 - 11 against Aurillac. After two consecutive defeats against Perpignan and Grenoble, The Soyaux Angouléme returns with success and consolidates...

PROD2 Highlights: Aurillac v Béziers

4 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

A close, well played game, seeing Aurillac fighting back in the second half, however just not quite enough. Final score Aurillac 20 - 24 Beziers.

PROD2 Highlights: Rouen v Aurillac

4 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

This was a fair contest, unfortunately for the Rouen's they allowed their discipline or lack there of to get in the way when they received a yellow card in the 39th minute and again in the 69th minute....

PROD2 Highlights: Aurillac v Biarritz

5 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

With only 4 points between these two teams, it was a nail biter. BO came back fantastically and it was almost a shame they did not take the match. These teams do have a history of close matches between...

Pro D2 Preview: Perpignan vs Beziers

5 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

Following their relegation from the Top 14 last season after finishing at 14th place, Perpignan will kick off the Pro D2 on Thursday when they host Beziers at Stade Aime Giral.   With recruits such...

South African Conference: Ins and Outs

11 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

The 2019 edition of Super Rugby gets underway this weekend and with the first fixtures being played on Friday, and we end off our in’s and out series by bringing you a comprehensive list of transfers...